Taos Screen Printing

Taos Screen Printing

Taos T-Shirts Screen Printing

Quality work and low prices guaranteed. Advertise your business or your message. We’ll help you get your logo, your artwork or your ideas onto the shirts, caps or gear that you want to see them on. That’s what we do.

Screen printing is a type of printing in which ink is pushed through a screen with a squeegee onto a substrate. Screens are made by producing positive of the customers’ artwork and exposing to UV light thought the film. The screen is washed out leaving only areas that were exposed to the UV light.

You may combine any number of styles to get the quantity price break. For example, order 25 t-shirts, 25 tank tops, 25 hoodies and 25 sweat shirts and receive the 100 piece price for all garments, as long as all garments receive the same print & ink color.

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One comment to Taos Screen Printing

  • Dana  says:

    How much would it be to print 2 shirts, 2 colors on the design? Just want to know more about custom printing pricing. Thanks!

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